My name is Jason Phipps


After dropping out of college at 18, wasting precious years of life, and finding myself at the metaphorical bottom, I began a lifetime's search for meaning.

During this search, I have been fortunate to travel the country, assisting on community revitalization projects and responding to disasters, such as the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan and the 2016 flooding of Louisiana, where I have been able to work with and meet thousands of people from a variety of places, such as Alaska Native Villages, to cities like San Francisco and New York. Throughout this search for meaning, and as it continues, I find myself fascinated, appalled, and curious of many things I have seen during this journey.

If you find yourself at an impasse of who you are currently, and who you want to be, if you find yourself angry, hurting inside at a seemingly unfair world, or if you find yourself curious for information that has helped me in my journey, please take some time and read some of my work! Also feel free to scroll down to the bottom and subscribe to my weekly articles!