My Name is Jason Phipps


I've struggled writing this biography page, because I don't see anything that particularly stands out about myself above the rest. I am just a man, who finds himself unable to gather enough wisdom from the world, so he keeps searching. An "eager student of life", as I like to put on applications.

I have been lucky enough to travel the United States working in a variety of fields, from Disaster Response, to Community Revitalization, to Youth Development. It was here where I found my fascination in people, and how they live. I allowed the traveling work to sharpen my perception, and hone in my ability to learn from whatever was occurring. Some of the projects that I was fortunate enough to work on have been: responding to the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan, responding to the flooding in Louisiana, fighting blight in Ohio, working on a wild-land fire fighting team to perform burns in Southern Iowa, among others.

Currently, I am living in Anchorage, Alaska, working to help provide summer camp and education opportunities for the youth in Rural Villages. I have been able to travel all over the state, from Kodiak, to Denali, all the way west, setting up or running camps for local youth. 

I didn't always find myself the explorer type though. At 18 I dropped out of college. I like to sell the story that I didn't know what I wanted and needed to find it, but in truth, I was lost in life. I was overwhelmed at the reality I was in, after skating by and ignoring all of the previous warnings that arose. So I moved home, which at the time was California. I spent the next portion of my days spinning my wheels, passing the hours with endless reruns, late nights, and an empty set of goals. 

I find myself switching between confusion, fascination, and all in between at what I see in the world, mostly from myself. I started this blog to uncover those emotions. I struggled to find peace for years, hurling anger, resentment, and shame at the world, only to see it bounce back and reflect on myself. I struggled to find my place among my fellow human beings, and most importantly, I struggled to find myself. 

This blog is about that journey. I hope you enjoy. 


- Jason Phipps